Electronic Document Signing: Importance and Benefits

Electronic document signing is very easy to operate because you only need a few cursor clicks to sign an electronic document. Numerous online applications can create an eSignature online for your business. You can create your electronic signature in various ways, including typing it in with your keyboard, uploading an image of your signature, drawing it with a cursor, or tracing it with a stylus or your finger on a touch screen device.

What Exactly Are E-Signatures?

Let us begin with the fundamentals: what are e-signatures? An electronic signature is a digital signature on a dedicated digital platform. You can send important documents to anyone worldwide using a computer or smartphone and trusted electronic signature software. When the recipient receives it, they can instantly try typing or drawing their signature, agree to the terms, and send it back.

Traditional methods of collecting signatures, such as mail, fax, or email, require significant time, money, and paper. Stacks of paper must be printed, copied, transmitted, and fully protected.

Did you realize that businesses use efficient and environmentally friendly business practices? Such as electronic document signing, which is gradually replacing physical signatures. Electronic signatures streamline tasks from beginning to end while improving security and applicability. This is just one fact about how important e-signatures are. To read more about the importance of electronic document signing, scroll down the blog.

Importance of Electronic document signing in today’s business 

electronic document signing

With the evolution of technology, more and more organizations are shifting to e-signatures because they are more cost-effective, secure, dependable, and faster than traditional signing techniques. Conventional Electronic document signing implicates printing out those papers, signing them, and transferring them via postal service or even email, as well as storing, distributing, and other operations that waste paper and time.

With the ultimate solution, electronic signatures can be inexpensive and simple to integrate. Because they appear logical in today’s digital world, some organizations may underestimate e-signatures as a viable way to reduce costs, improve productivity, mitigate risk, and support digital transformation initiatives. However, if you disregard them as an important component of your business, you may miss out on significant opportunities. According to TechTarget  blogs and customer experiences, organizations can use e-signatures to:

  • Shrink sales cycles from 8 to 3 hrs.
  • Decrease costs by about 30% while raising revenue by more than 35%.
  • Considerably improve hiring and onboarding.

The allure of e-signatures is that papers do not need to be printed, stored, filed, or collected, making the signing process more convenient and safer. Here are a few reasons why your business should switch to an e-signature platform.

Eliminate manual task

Online document signing increases operational efficiency and decreases the time required to prepare, send, and sign documents. Online document signing eliminates manual task and automates the online document signing process.

Go paperless 

Going paperless not only makes it simpler to store, maintain, and share an electronic documents, but it can also save businesses a lot of money. Businesses spend many dollars on paper every year. By implementing digital technology and electronic signatures, your company can significantly reduce paper use in daily operations. Everything that can be done on paper can be done digitally, whether you’re dealing with daily administration, making deals or contracts with clients, or anything else.


When you send documents for electronic signature, the recipient receives an instant email notification prompting them to take the necessary action. With online document signing and flexible e-Signature options, recipients or signers can now sign documents more quickly. They can draw, scan, and upload signatures.

Benefits of Electronic Document Signing 

Electronic document signing is becoming a business priority and a legitimate replacement for wet signatures as businesses continue to move toward digital transformation and automation. The question thus arises, “Is your business using electronic signatures?” If not, you’ve come to the right platform if you’re inquisitive about the advantages of electronic signatures for your business. This blog will look at the benefits of electronic signatures.

Lower Transaction Costs

The automated approach of electronic document signing can prevent the financial impact of human error, such as signing mistakes, which can slow down the process or result in costly problems if they go unremarked initially.

Electronic signing software can help reduce risk by alerting users to suspicious records or contract compliance issues. Electronic signatures ensure everything is in order, saving money on problems that could have been avoided. Not to mention the obvious savings on paper, copying, wrapping, and shipping. These costs may appear insignificant, but they add up. Electronic signatures save money in terms of manual labor and material costs and increase productivity.


Documents interchanged in businesses and organizations are legally binding, so everything must be accurately presented. The documents must be completed, signed, and collected within the specified timeframe. It can be a much more straightforward task with electronic signatures. You can permit mandatory fields to help the signer identify which area needs their signature. Online document signing makes all signing processes precise.

Stress-free to Use 

It is simple to use and generate electronic signatures. There is an affluence of software available online to assist you in creating your personalized electronic signature. Once you’ve understood how to employ it, you can attach your e-Signatures to any document. It is as practical as it gets for any device. It will be incredibly convenient for you and your clients to sign a document in a flash. It can also indicate how much you value someone’s time. Because the whole system operates in a device, it makes no difference where either entity is working from. Your work can be completed uninterrupted.

Secure and Reliable 

You can put your anxieties and confrontations aside with an electronic document signing. Electronic signatures are safer than conventional signatures. Because traditional, wet signatures are susceptible to fraud and alteration, the various security measures accompanying electronic signs make them difficult to alter or try to interfere with. Furthermore, they include audit reports admissible in court, so you can conduct transactions without being concerned about security.


Signing a contract with handwriting ink on paper can be time-consuming. You must go through a lengthy procedure that entails printing the document, faxing, couriering, scanning, etc. Consider how long it would take to transmit and receive a specific document if it require signatures from multiple people. Selecting electronic document signing for your documents will save you time and effort. It will allow you to sign a document in minutes, if not seconds! You can conveniently choose electronic signatures and save your company a lot of time, which you can then invest in more valuable aspects. You would then gain a competitive advantage by increasing your contract speed.

Better Customer Experience 

 Implementing an electronic signature is part of a larger digital transformation trend, which aims to improve operations, customer service, and user experience through digital technology. Improving employee operational efficiency is bound to have a knock-on effect on customers and clients, resulting in faster responses, shorter turnaround times, and a more cohesive customer experience.

Legal Validity 

The legal validity of online document signing significantly impacts the bottom line and the durability of an organization. While compliance efforts can be expensive, the consequences of noncompliance can be even more exorbitant. When you employ e-signature to sign contracts and agreements, an automatic record of all measures undertaken on the document is created, including the time the document was received, opened, and signed. At the point of signing, each signee’s specified data is recorded, as well as validation that each signee agreed to provide an electronic signature. This documentation provides a complete independent audit for your company’s compliance purposes. Maintaining compliance can consume hours of employee time across the organization. You can make the most of limited legal resources by operating online document signatures and automating documentation.

Independent of Time and Location

E-signature solutions are not influenced by time or location. You can sign contracts, documents, and agreements from anywhere. Contract and document signing is independent of your physical presence.

Track Workflows

Collaborating with clients who use electronic Signatures for contracts and financial agreements documents can make it difficult for businesses to track the status of the documents. An electronic document signing solution can help them track customer undertakings effectively. This includes thoroughly reviewing who has and has not signed the document.

Speed up the Signing of time-sensitive contracts

Electronic signatures can be used in accordance with contract management software to speed up the signing of time-sensitive contracts that significantly impact customer service. Electronic signing can eliminate unnecessary contract completion delays, allowing for better performance. Healthcare professionals, such as experts in almost any field, have enough on their panels without requiring them to wait for the documentation to circulate for signatures before putting a binding agreement in place. Electronic signatures can help to streamline and accelerate the contracting process in a variety of ways, including:

  • A digital signature is valid for the duration of the contract, eliminating the need for monotonous signing.
  • Negotiations can be speed up because each phase of the process is authenticated and easily accessible to all parties, allowing important matters to be recognized and monitored.

When you sign your documents, you expedite the process and shorten its duration. It also enables you to keep track of all your signed transactions.


Electronic signatures are a disruptive technology with massive benefits. It helps you save time and contributes to your financial security and profitability. Using online signatures allows you to sign documents quicker, more simpler, and in the best possible way than was previously possible. They have no significant impact on how your business operates. Many electronic signature software integrates with existing business tools, such as PDF, Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, and others. You have no reason not to purchase one. Every business, management, or organization can benefit from electronic document signing based on their needs and specifications.