How to sign a document electronically?

It’s pretty common these days to complete an entire contract or sell a product before ever meeting your customer. When legal signatures are required, one of the few stumbling blocks in the process arises. E-signature capabilities address this issue, but only one-third of businesses currently use them. In its place, they anticipate clients and collaborators printing and scanning documents to sign them. Perhaps they are worried about learning new technology. Maybe, they haven’t contracted around to it yet. Whether they’re passing up an incredible opportunity to make document signing more convenient, electronic, and ensure security.

E-signing digital documents are far more straightforward and quicker than printing, signing, monitoring, duplicating, and transmitting paper documentation. It also delivers a superior protected system. Online document signing is a beautiful way to enhance internal operations and differentiate yourself from the competitive rivalry. They can improve your organization’s security, convenience, and other aspects, mainly when used with a cloud document management (CDM) system.

This article will teach you “how to sign a document electronically”,¬†keep your signatures secure, and integrate e-sign into your document management system. Free signup signdocs lead you to transform how you prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements, from simple transactions to hundred-page contracts.

3 Simple Ways to Create E Signature

The desire to create an image that resembles your wet or handwritten signature may arise while using a PDF, Word document, or digital document tool. There are three fundamental techniques to do this from any device:

Upload scanned signature

If you’re using a word document, you can type your signature and change the font to something more remotely similar to a signature than Times New Roman.

Type your signature

Sign your name through black ink on a white paper document. Next, take a photo of your signature using your camera and save it to your desktop. End up saving in a private spot.

Draw your signature

Initiate a drawing software or app on your desktop, tablet, or phone. Then, using a touchscreen, mouse, or finger, create your signature and save it in a safe place. Although many consumers recognize that drawing their signature with their finger or mouse is the most convenient method, any of these possibilities can collaborate well. The optimal solution is determined by your document software, device, and administration configuration.

How to create an e-signature on a document?

There are multiple methods for creating electronic signatures. Adding signature domains, identifying the signer, and sharing or storing the document are the only steps required to create an e-signature request with an e-signature provider. Then, you can challenge an electronic signature provided by anyone having an email account. It lets you include domains for the signature, the date it agreed to sign, a checkbox, and a typescript field. These fields can be placed anywhere on the document. Some other options in e-signature include:

  • Fields that must be filled out: Make a note of any necessary details.
  • Set Date and time: Allow the document to auto-update the Date the signer accesses the file.
  • Data transmission and reception from other applications: You can use peripheral IDs to pull from and send data to other applications like Excel, such as including a name and date of birth transcribed in a text field. 
  • End date: Agreed a date on which the signature request will no more be valid.
  • Reminders of formal notice: Include a personalized message for your recipients to see when the file is forwarded to them.
  • Automatic reminders: Send signers notification
  • Possibilities for security: Add a passcode or identity verification indicator to confirm the identity of your signer.
  • The request of signatures: If several individuals are signing, you can specify the instruction in which they sign.
  • Several disciplines: Users can add multiple fields for the same signer if they need signatures throughout a document.

Upload a document

If you have an existing paper or electronic document required to be signed, you can scan or upload it using esignature online services. Save the request after you drag and drop your file, open it, select yourself as the signer, and sign the document. You can also incorporate fields that cannot be included in the entire document, such as textboxes and textual descriptions.

This is a simple and quick procedure for signing documents that only necessitate your signature and do not need to be approved or reviewed by anyone else. The document is immediately available for saving wherever you like.

Anyone else, inside or outside of your company, you choose to sign a document “Me and others” or “Only others,” which is equivalent to signing it yourself. The receivers can then be added, including those who require a signature or who must approve the document.

Sign a document sent to you

If you’ve been sent a document to sign, open the link in your email, agree to the terms and conditions, and e-sign it. You’re done when you press “Sign & Finish.” You can apply a signature from any device, which is great for sending a rapid signature. We’ll go over the many ways you can sign in the following section. Additionally, you have the option of adding your signature more than once or changing who is responsible for signing the document. It takes little time to add electronic signatures, especially when you can complete the process from a safe location. Businesses can use capabilities like bulk mailing, templates, and other options to make the process simpler and more effective. 

Which Document Format E-Signature Have?

With the appropriate e-sign platform, you may add this functionality to the majority of document, presentation, and text-based files, as well as some image files. E-signature provider allows you to e-sign the following documents:

  • DOC and DOCX files
  • PDF
  • PPT and PPTX
  • PNG
  • JPEG

When you support a broad range of documents, you give your company and clients more leeway and versatility. By choosing the right file type for your projects, you can satisfy everyone’s expectations and provide your clients the greatest impression possible. 

How to complete your signed document?

After the document is signed, the task is rarely completed. You might still need to complete a number of actions, such as uploading it to the cloud, obtaining further signatures, getting someone to approve the finished document, or sharing it with others. These duties can be difficult, requiring numerous distracting revisions and emails back and forth, or they can be as easy as clicking a button. It is dependent on the e-signature system you use.

Following your document submission, you may need to think about the tasks. An integrated approach can assist you in avoiding functional silos, redundant data downloads, slow responses, and other issues caused by distracted processes. This method makes the most of your e-signing solution and can help you save money.

Save your documents

You could be concerned about having various documents on each signee’s device with a hard drive, or you could save them all in the cloud. Storing your documents directly in the cloud document management (CDM) system saves time, enhances security, and creates centrally controlled visibility for all users. Real-time updates ensure that each individual is on the same page.

Monitor status of e-sign Documents

Whether you’ve sent a document via email and are going to wait for a scanned image, there is nothing you can do to keep track of it. You can track the request’s status to see who has interpreted, signed, cancelled, or turned down the document. When you enable notifications, those updates are sent directly to your email. The e-signature also allows you to check in on your contract from any location, whether you visit a client on-site.

Send reminders

E signature sends automatic reminders to signee, Implement automatic email reminders at predefined intervals or send one electronically.

Manage all e- sign Workflow

With sequential document routing, e-signatures integrate with workflow tools, processes such as sending a contract for approval can be easily automated. You can manage signed documents effortlessly when you combine your e-signing platform with the e-signature Cloud system. Built-in e-signatures can be used safely and flexibly for everything from user authorization to other tasks. Your business clients will also appreciate signing documents with tools they are familiar with. Develop a more effective workflow and boost the value of e-signatures for your corporation. The most straightforward approach for sending, receiving, and managing legally binding electronic signatures, countless users enroll with signdocs login to sign documents.

How to Share Your E-Signature Document?

A signed file must be delivered somewhere else, which can entail delivering a straightforward document to several recipients for review, approval, and additional signatures, or storing it in the cloud. You have many options for sharing a document, just as you do for signing it. The most straightforward approach for documents shared with coworkers is to save the entire data into the cloud and ensure that your colleagues are added as collaborators. Alternatively, you can add them as recipients before sending the signature request. In order to receive notifications when new signatures are added, you can add a lot of recipients.

Create a new request and follow the instructions for uploading your file and identifying recipients if you want to send a file to someone who is not part of your e-signature framework. E- signature e employs a role-based framework for beneficiaries, allowing you to specify whether they are signing, receiving a copy, or approving the document. 

These steps give you a complete insight into “how to sign a document electronically”. Read on the blog to learn how to sign docs to make this process easy and convenient.

Many organizations abide by the same agreements with various clients and partners. Similar to individual requests, you can send group requests using bulk sharing options. While these sharing functionalities are great for effectiveness, they can also ensure consistent documents and reduce errors. E signature enables online legal agreements and independent law firms to delegate routine work to expertise while maintaining a high level of client service.

How Does Signing Docs Make E-Signature Easy?

Escalate security and trust with sign docs legally binding online document signing; we create pre-approved templates and lock all authorized data. Our online document signing manages the entire agreement lifecycle for complex contracts, from automated generation to fair negotiation and retrieval. Get the e- signature signdoc’s features you need to finish your workflows quickly.

Auto reminders

Increase productivity by using auto-reminders. To increase the speed of signature collection, send automated text and email reminders to consumers and staff. Streamline your signature collection

A customer or employee may neglect to sign a document on occasion. With sign documents, you can program automatic email and SMS reminders. Auto-reminder function of the sign. Collect signatures more efficiently without having to email clients and work colleagues repetitively.

Multiple participant workflows

Include multiple signers in your workflows.

Set up automated signature techniques to collaborate with multiple signers and authorizations.


Accumulate e-Signatures faster with a multiple-participant workflow that automatically loops through signers.


Establish the sequence in which documents should be signed, and if your procedures change, make the necessary adjustments. 


Combine the collection of signatures by email, SMS, and in-person meetings to quickly reach all participants. 

Drag and drop signatures

Create documents by dragging and dropping signature fields. To add signature fields to your documents, use Sign’s docs’ simple drag-and-drop functionality; no IT assistance is required!

Audit Trails

Signature audit trails are used to track activity. Get a thorough electronic signature audit trail that records all interactions for each of your signed documents.

Digital Signature Security

Signdocs enables trusted reliable signing. Utilize the most recent security technologies, including SSL encryption, password protection, and others, to ensure secure electronic signature.

All the above details give you a complete insight into how to sign a document electronically. For more updated information about e-signature, wedged with sign docs website 

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