What is an Electronic Signature and why do you Need One?

People have used multiple techniques to perform transactions in the history. Eyewitness validation or seals that kept documents firmly closed until they were delivered were common during ancient times. By the Medieval Era, people frequently used symbols to showcase that they had individually permitted a document. It eventually became common practice to sign documents. It made the process easier for people with many documents to sign. Now incredibly quickly ahead to the current time, many businesses have moved away from printed copies of documents and toward electronic Signature, which are frequently stored in the cloud. Signatures have become digitized.

What’s an Electronic Signature?

Esignature online is undeniably the most convenient method for online document signing. Indeed, electronic signature solutions assist businesses in improving the signing perspective, streamlining business operations, and avoiding time-consuming processes. You’ll start understanding everything you want about electronic signatures by grasping the information in this blog.

An electronic signature is a digital method of entering into an online legal agreements. Contemplate it the digital equivalent of signing your name on a piece of paper, such as a sales contract.

When an individual sign agreement, they create an electronic document signing by clicking on a button or drawing their Signature with a cursor, touchscreen, or other peripheral devices.

 An electronic signature is “data in electronic form that is attached to or logically associated with other data in electronic form and that is used by the signatory to sign.”

An electronic signature is defined in US federal regulations as:

 “An electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.”

As opposed to making a wet signature on paper, this refers to an electronic method of getting a person’s Agreement or acknowledgement of documentation.

To satisfy the Agreement’s requirements for an ‘electronic action equivalent to a signature,’ you must employ a method that complies with the following main principles:

Identity: accurately recognizing the individual executing the action.

Approval: particularly state the individual’s Agreement to the pertinent information.

Reliability: be “as reliable as appropriate in the context of all the circumstances” so that the department can rely on the action as evidence of the person’s contract during an audit or review.

Why Do You Need Electronic Signature?

Electronic Signature

The highly qualified landscape has shifted dramatically over time, requiring small and midsized businesses to adjust to remain viable. Electronic signature technology is an integral component of that evolution because it promotes quicker and more efficient closes, shorter time to cash flow, unprecedented visibility into managing data, personalized experience, and enhanced security. Here are some reasons to start using Signdoc’s electronic Signature immediately.

Reduced Costs

Most businesses that switch to electronic signatures can use a dedicated online solution. In addition to basic e-signature functionality, these online services provide access to various functionalities, such as automated document workflows, interoperable payment options, and monitoring features that allow businesses to follow up with clients at the most appropriate times.

If you’re worried about the expense of constructing the operational infrastructure required for electronic signatures, figures like these should provide you with some comfort. At Signdocs, e-signature services are available for low-cost subscriptions, with pricing options tailored to small- and medium-sized businesses, and all back-end growth processes can be managed.

Improve User Experience

Fostering positive customer experiences is an important aspect of running a successful business, and an electronic Signature can assist with savvy features that make it easy to use. Customers can use e-signature to electronically sign and return documents with the convenience of a mouse click or the tap of a finger from anywhere and on almost any gadget.

Simple and Intuitive

The most substantial need for electronic signatures is their easiness and convenience of use. Numerous online solutions are available, but we are here to give you a convenient platform. You upload a file, proclaim signers and recipients, and send a secure link to the recipient utilizing their platform. The procedure is completed when the recipient signs the document. It’s that simple!

Improve Productivity

E-signature alternatives completely automate the document faster and more efficiently, speeding up agreement implementation and enhancing employee productivity. Customers of Signdocs have seen the tangible benefits of creating approved frameworks that are more convenient.

Paperless Workflow

There’s no longer a need for printing, scanning, or in-person consultations when you integrate your electronic Signatures solution with other tools you already use, such as Signdocs. The signed document is initiated and returned to us in the same spot – and you are alerted when all parties sign it.

Eliminate Errors and Inaccuracies

By completely automating the negotiated lifecycle with document generation, collaborative effort, document management, and a fundamental agreement repository, businesses experience lower error rates. Discrepancies and inaccuracies are reduced because the e-signature solution guides the signer through a document—electronic signature results in minimal mistakes on average.

Fast Implementation

Countless electronic signature solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflow. This enables you to deploy e-signatures for business processes quickly. Signdocs provides a robust set of resources to assist your team in successfully implementing electronic Signatures, including a large customer success organization that provides implementation services.

Substantial ROI

Due to current global factors, cost savings have become a primary concern, and many businesses are looking for products that can maximize their return on investment. It also excludes the costs associated with employee error or when documents have trouble finding critical information.  Contracts containing such errors can cost as much to process as those required to submit them correctly the first time.

Need a More Secure Type Of E-Signature Platform?

Signatures, such as our virtualized signatures, are widely regarded as the most reliable form of e-signature. Choose one e-signature that uses a digital identity verified by a trusted and reputable party when you require the highest level of certainty to recognize a signer, maintain your transaction, or adhere to local laws.

What Incorporates A Legally Binding Electronic Signature?

To be in accordance with international contract law, a signature must meet three key requirements. You must be able to demonstrate the following: the signing party’s intent to sign a legally binding agreement, the signing party’s identity, and the document’s integrity that it has not been modified.

Document Reliability

An electronic document can be easily manipulated and claimed to be the original. When using an electronic Signature, the integrity aspect becomes even more important. In the event of a dispute, document integrity means that you can demonstrate: nobody tampered with the original document and the document you’re presenting is genuine. To ensure document integrity, Signdocs seals it with a digital signature in collaboration with our provider Template as quickly as it is electronically signed. It employs a technique called keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) based on blockchain technology. Once a file has been enclosed with KSI, its integrity can be verified immediately.

Keyless Security

Signdocs use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), because it is the most widely used method. PKI operates on the basis of an expected to remain stable while issuing certificates and keys to parties seeking to protect the integrity of their documents. The credentials and accreditations that are issued are used to enclose documents. These credentials and certificates can be traced back to the trusted party, and that entity is given integrity. This is an established and straightforward method of file sealing.

Validate Proof of Security

Many nations around the world accept e-signature as evidence during a trial. Certain highly secure, regulated digital signatures with authentication are frequently regarded as significant compared to the conventional wet Signature.

Open standards

Thanks to standard protocols and our large connection of online identity providers, you can implement a highly secure, compliant cloud signature directly from your phone.

E- Signature Legality

Digital document security is a top priority at Signdocs. Our security layers analysis explains how we protect your electronic signatures.

Global Laws

It depends on one’s utilization circumstance; electronic signature laws worldwide share some similarities but may differ significantly in the recognition and enforcement or implementation of rules and regulations by state.

Use in United State

In the United State, the E-Sign Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) established the regulatory framework for using electronic signature throughout all regions.

Use in European Union

The Electronic identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) established legislative proposals in the European Union that managed to help standardize e-signature status across the states.

Now It’s Time to Make a Transition

In a globalization era characterized by disintegrating boundaries and a world market, this is quite a hassle and does not always come easily. Considering that some more contemporary solutions have the same legal value and load as conventional pen and paper, it’s unexpected that not all businesses are willing to make the switch.

Read the blog to understand the significance and why you need to switch to a free e-signature platform.

 “The Significance of free E-Signature: Reasons to Make the Switch”

Speak with one of our specialists. They can demonstrate the functionality of our electronic Signature quick fix and elaborate on the innumerable benefits it offers for you, your clients, and your transactions.

One of the simplest ways for all businesses to reduce waste, boost revenue, and save employee time is to use electronic signatures. It is critical not to fall behind as electronic signatures become even more common. If you are considering moving to electronic signatures and paper-free process flows, look at Signdoc’s customizable packages. Signdocs electronic signature framework is feature-rich and simple to use, with accurate document monitoring, onboarding guidance, and industry-leading levels of security, API access, intelligent systems, and much more.


If you are thinking about incorporating e-signatures into your business workflows, you can use Sign docs. Embracing the process in your corporation could assist you in resolving many organizational challenges, improving security, and eliminating labor errors.

If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of electronic Signature, get a free trial.