Revolutionized e-signing solutions for Human Resource Department.

Simplify and optimize your administrative tasks, notices, contracts and more.

Our E-Signing facility will help your staff focus on personal management and reduce unnecessary burdens. We offer flexible, easy-to-use e-signatures and digital document templates for employee contracts, endorsements, health insurance, annual appraisal interviews, etc. We make the company onboarding or outside the company onboarding process easy, faster and smoother. We help you speed up the recruitment process by providing traceable digital documentation.

Easy real-time tracking of your document.

Forget about the tiresome process of following up on the documents for the signing process. With our digital signature services, you can monitor the real-time status of your documents. You can easily track whether the document has been sent, a signature is awaited, or completed. Our web-based e-signature system notifies you of the changes in the document through our automated alert system. So, no more unnecessary workload and document follow-up.

HR Documentation

We provide built-in templates with a digital signature facility for employee contracts, notices, health and medical insurance, and much more.

Privacy and Security

SignDocs provides personalized and secure document signing and transfer. Our end-to-end encrypted communication system ensures no possibility of data breach or loss during file transfer.

Adding Legal Value to HR Documents

We offer straightforward solutions that comply with European eIDAS regulatory requirements. We provide the additional function of signing a document with a built-in company stamp.

The integrity of the document

We assure the company and employees of the “integrity of the document.” Once a document is generated, it cannot be modified or changed by anyone other than the creator.

Improving contract management procedures

We help you to enhance the contract management procedure by minimizing the requirement for document exchange via post or email, making document management more effortless.

Streamlines the onboarding and employee recruiting processes.

Onboarding and recruiting employees is an essential aspect of the HR department. You require employee signatures on non-disclosure agreements, annual reviews, training forms, and insurance policies. To smooth the onboarding and employee recruiting processes, adopt Signdocs e-signature. We enable you to automate administrative tasks, replace paperwork with electronic documentation, and revolutionize your duties.

Break the barriers of borders.

With our digital documentation and e-signing facility, the absence of an HR manager from the office doesn’t matter. Now you can receive, review, sign, and send any document anywhere, anytime, or on any device. No need for faxes, printers, or scanners; the only requirement is an active internet connection and a device. Keep the smooth workflow from across the globe, beyond the borders and time limit.

Be productive with incredible working experience.

Forget the manual working experience. SignDocs empowers you to create and collaborate as a brand. Do your essential tasks like on-time recruiting and onboarding on time with built-in templates?

Simplify and Speed-up your HR process

We offer you a simplified working experience by saving you from repetitive tasks. Gain efficiency, effectiveness, and pace in your onboarding, recruitment, training, and off boarding processes. Our built-in templates are easy to use, and the electronic transmission of documents speeds up your HR process. We help you improve employee efficiency and client satisfaction through digital signing and file transfer.

Cut-Down unnecessary costs

SignDocs’s e-signature platform is both environmental friendly, time- and cost-saving. By adopting e-signatures, you can reduce paper costs, stamps, courier fees, and administrative costs.

Generate Documents for Human Resources Electronically

Human resource-related documents require extra care and security measures because of their nature. SignDocs is an excellent platform for creating matchless and secure documents. Replacing old-fashioned, slow, and frustrating processes with innovative, faster, and seamless processes regardless of compromising security. Create documents through built-in templates or easily make your digital documents through our automated guide while complying with international and national compliance standards. Add a legally acceptable e-signature to the forms.

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