How to Sign Word Document with Signdocs?


With technological advancement and the passage of time, everything is digitizing. Manual methods or paper documents are no longer used to sign the document. An electronic signature is an e-signature that conforms to relevant legislation and ensures the signer’s identity. The affirmation of an online record or agreement is denoted by the term “e-signature.”

Are you required to add your electronic signature to a contract, offer letter, or nondisclosure agreement from within a Word document? Adding an electronic signature to a Microsoft Word document is easy without leaving the request. This article will go over How to sign word document? Electronic signatures have become increasingly advanced. They frequently include an automated encryption key to confirm the signer’s identity and provide contractually enforceable verification. Because electronic signatures are legally binding, they can be used on virtually any document requiring a signature (business negotiations, real estate contracts, mortgage applications, and so on).

This article will explain how to sign word document. You must read an entire blog post on how to sign a document electronically if you want to get guidance on this.

How do digital signatures work?

How to sign word document

Like their handwritten signatures, each signer’s digital signature is distinctive. PKI is a specific standard that is followed by businesses like Signdocs who provide digital signature solutions. PKI requires that the signer use a mathematical procedure to generate two complex numbers, or keys. Both keys are available, but only one is secret.

The signer’s private key is used to create the signature, which signer keep in a secure location. The mathematical formula generates and encrypts data that is an exclusive identifier of the signed document in order to work as a cypher.

Data that is encrypted results in the creation of a digital signature. The signature’s creation date and time are also recorded. If the document is changed after the digital signature has been applied, it loses its validity.

PKI demands that the keys be generated, managed, and preserved safely and frequently necessitates a reputable Certificate Authority’s assistance to protect the integrity of the signature (CA). Providers of digital signatures, like Signdocs, adhere to PKI standards for secure digital signing.

Recipient Signing workflow

Consecutive Signing workflow

The document is delivered to all recipients simultaneously and can be signed in any sequence. When the last signer has finished signing, all parties receive a Signed & Filed email with the signed Word or PDF attachment.

Hybrid workflow

In this hybrid workflow, two or more person get access to the document to proceed. Before the consecutive process moves on to the next step, all signers/approvers of the “parallel” step must complete their part. Listed below are three steps that will guide you through how to sign a word document.

  • Once the document is signed, it can be sent to the recipient, who will be notified when the online legal agreements are sent out for signature.
  • As you can see, all three recipients have the same number, which means that Signdocs will notify them all simultaneously. They can sign in any order they want, but they must all finish before the signature cycle moves on to the next step.
  • The next step involves another individual recipient. Once the recipient requests approve, the agreement is finished, fully executed, and a copy is sent to each party in WORD format.

 How to insert a signature in Word?

To get a step-to-step detailed guide about how to sign a word document. Follow the steps mentioned below.

To add an electronic signature to a word document, do the following:

Step 1: Get a handwritten signature on a blank paper and scan it.

Step 2: Save the scanned signature to your computer or laptop in the following formats: JPG, PNG, or GIF.

Step 3: In a word document, place the scroll bar where you need to add or insert your electronic signatures.

Step 4: Go to the Insert tab and select Pictures in the Word document. Please navigate to the scanned signature’s location on your computer to insert it into the word document.

A document can have an electronic signature by following a few easy steps. By uploading a scanned image from your computer, Word documents can include an electronic signature, but you can also include or construct a signature line in Word for the signer to sign. If you need to add a signature line in Word, scroll down the blog.

In Word, How Do You Insert A Signature Line?

If you continue working on a document and need others to sign it, you should know how to add a signature line in Word. When recipients receive the file, a signature line indicates where they should sign.

In Word, add a signature line by doing the following:

• Create a new Word document or open one with a signature line.

• In the document, left-click wherever you want to insert the signature.

• From the Insert dropdown menu, choose Signature Line.

• In the dialogue box that appears, select the appropriate options.

• Click OK.

• Repeat this process to add multiple signature lines to a Word document.

Use Signdocs to insert sign in Word

Microsoft Word provides a few basic features for inserting a signature in Word documents. Still, it lacks the functionality and features that electronic signature operating systems such as sign docs provide. Signdocs provide several extra features that give users more options when signing Word documents online. Electronic signature platforms let you produce a personalized e-signature online that you can quickly put into any document, including Word docs, rather than writing it by hand and scanning it. Documents can have name and date fields added, signature lines added, recipients sent documents for signatures, and documents can be saved.

Check out Signdoc’s informative blog to learn everything you need about esignature online: “Esignature online Platform to Sign Documents Electronically.”

Can you add a signature in a word document for Receiver?

The Receiver must have digital documentation to add signatures to a word document. The following are the steps for a recipient to draw signatures in a word doc:

Step#1: Insert Signature

Open the word document you want to draw and insert the signature.

Step#2: View Signature

 The intended signer will notice the line articulating “view signatures.”

Step#3: Requested Signature

Signature Request appears when you click on the view signature option.

Step#4: Digital ID

By clicking on the Catalog box, get a digital ID.

Step#5: Draw signature

To sign a Word document online or add signatures in Word online, a recipient must have a Microsoft digital ID.

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Many users have been perplexed by how to sign a word document. All of this is due to the relatively complex process that has been incorporated. Electronic signature software allows you and online accomplices to sign a document digitally. Certainly, suppose you occasionally need to manually sign a word document or require a comprehensive platform that enables your customers or clients to sign electronically. In that case, there is almost certainly a solution that will meet your needs. The most effective electronic signature platforms automate and simplify your signature mechanisms while improving customer service and records management. We focused on essential features like ease of use, platforms supported, document types supported, security, and signdocs pricing that influence the entire quality of a platform.