Electronic signature Signdocs solution for Insurance industry

Signdocs delivers premier insurance e-signature services to serve you more as our commitment to our clients is to provide a competitive advantage. Signdocs empowers agents and brokers to provide exceptional services that our clients deserve. Signdocs services for insurance companies are:

  • Contracts

  • Insurance applications

  • Insurance optimization processes

Easy Insurance Data Management

Easily obtained Client signatures

Signdocs allows insurance companies to get signatures of your customers with tracking record. You can determine the missing signatures and those who are signing the document.

Simplify your e Signing processes

Signdocs can distribute a comprehensive set of documents for signing whenever you need to issue an insurance policy or any other document.

E Sign insurance contracts

Signdocs allows to sign your insurance application in a matter of seconds by drawing your signature or uploading it from your device.

Stay safe

Signdocs ensure efficient management of your insurance documents using two-factor authentication and cutting-edge encryption securely. You can track all your document modifications any time by viewing the Audit Trail.

Make your documents appear expert

By including various fields and specifying particular criteria, you may create customized fillable forms. Give your clients signature privileges to obtain accurate insurance information.

Strengthening your Process

The insurance sector has a lot to offer; consider the insurance-related disciplines that continue to use paper-based procedures, such as applications for insurance policies and the processing of claims renewal adjustments. By shifting these procedures online using the Signdocs e-Signature and document management platform, you can get away with paper-based administration, increase productivity, shorten turnaround times, and encourage productive collaboration between coworkers and clients. The entire customer experience is greatly enhanced by digitalization, which makes it simpler for your clients to fill out, sign, and return paperwork without any hassle or expense.

With the Secured Signdocs service, you and your insurance clients will have access to a compliant, secure, and straightforward digital signature solution.

By increasing, the number of applications while reducing the processing and approval times for insurance policies or claims, our secure and effective digital signing solution dramatically improves the efficiency of your organization.

Signdocs E-signatures give insurance agents a competitive edge.

Do you demand to expedite the completion of insurance transactions and spend less time on paperwork? Manage your documents online using a reputable electronic signature service trusted by many other industries, rather than paging through endless copies of insurance claims, policies, and appraisals at your desk. No more heaps of paper. Instead, to stay one step ahead of the competition, employ our e-signing service.

Revenue Growth and Eco are the way to go

You manage the workflow of the signing process, invite other parties to sign, receive progress updates, and much more with just a few mouse clicks. While enhancing customer satisfaction and company volume, our e-signature solution significantly lowers your operational and processing costs.
Adopting an electronic signature solution results in significant savings for insurance firms as it reduces the cost of paper, ink, postage, and other connected materials. This increase annual profits and income, coupled with increased productivity. In addition, organizations that minimize paperwork establish their environmental friendly approach. When you decide to send documents electronically rather than copy, print, or fax them, you can cut costs while also saving paper and energy.

Think Beyond the E Signature

Give your clients accurate and timely insurance quotations. You quickly create them using templates and have data from any system of records to fill them out. Send quotes to potential clients and customers with only a few clicks.

Process Claims More Quickly

Create a multi-step automated workflow to streamline the claim acceptance procedure. Distribute documentation amongst departments to gather approvals, then set up role-based routing. Keep all concerned aware of any changes, including automated notifications and reminders.

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