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The top advantages of e-signature with SignDocs are

  • It helps you to complete deals fast.
  • E-signatures are helpful in administrative cost reduction
  • No one can replicate our unique signatures.
  • End-to-end encrypted transfer of documents. Secure logins or passwords.
  • Legally binding like an ink signature.

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SignDocs e-signatures are legally binding and our platform is secure, we comply with the rules and regulations of multiple countries from the EU to the USA.

  • E-signature is unique, secure, and valid. Our advanced and unique e-signatures are legally binding  
  • It is fast, user-friendly, and as simple as ink signatures.
  •  Our personalized, user-friendly signatures are done on contracts with secure digital IDs. We provide double security standards for logins.
  • We provide easy to use interface that integrates with your existing workflows. 
  • We provide a user-friendly dashboard that helps you track pending signatures and completed contracts. 
  • We provide a complete audit trail for your documents right from document generation to commencement of your contracts.

Our platform saves the signatory’s information to secure it from fraud or replications. Once a signatory is verified, we save its information which  can be verified using different methods.

  • Built-in scan or clickwrap agreements
  • Get all the signature documents verified in one go with our unique user-friendly interface.

Our 5th generation system helps you immediately track information if someone tries to replicate your signature. Copying our e-signature is far more complicated. In the worst case, if someone successfully replicates your signature, the replicator cannot paste it into the documents you have saved in your system. Embedding a signature more than once is difficult to save you from fraud.

  • Our system identifies users via email. Use secure passwords and access emails with a secure internet connection.
  • Do not use shared wifi or internet connections.
  • Always use encrypted communication systems for your business documentation and signing.
  • Don’t share your private links with your most trusted person. Because your private link may let others access your business