Go Paperless With a Digital Signature

Signdocs provides a convenient way to electronically sign documents with just a few clicks of a button and makes the signing process faster, convenient, and secure for everyone involved. You can sign in on any device, anywhere. You don't have to wait for the person you are signing a contract with to be physically present.

Easy Import

Upload documents to Signdocs from your computer or cloud-based apps in a single click.

Cloud backup

Improve data protection by keeping a backup of your signed copies to your preferred cloud storage solutions.

Customization and Collaboration


Save time and effort by converting frequently used documents into templates and reuse them.

Comments in Real-Time

Enables expanding document information and comments in real-time.

Rapid recall

Sent a document to the wrong person? Dont worry, recall the document and abort the signing process.

Timely Reminders

Speed up the signing process by sending timely reminders to the stakeholders.


Signdocs have various customizable options, allowing you to create documents that reflect your brand's message and visual style. You can also include logos and colors to make them stand out. Many pre-designed templates and images are usable with just a few clicks.

The Signdocs also provide the ability to resize objects, create custom shapes, apply transparency and shadows, and create custom backgrounds.
If you're looking for a quick, affordable way to brand documents and create files representing your brand, then Signdocs is a perfect choice.

Security and Compliance

Strong authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account and documents.

Audit logs

Get a clear picture of each step of your document signing process, such as viewing, sending, and signing.


All documents signed with Signdocs are legally binding and adhere to the ESIGN ACT, UETA, EIDAS, and other international regulations.

Bank-level protection

Signdocs keeps your data safe with bank-level encryption (AES-256). It is safer because of our role-based solid access.

Signdocs Features

Multiple Signature Options

You can add signatures to your documents by drawing, typing, or uploading them. You can save your preferred signature once, and it will be used automatically the next time you log in.

With the Signdocs electronic signature app, clients can use one or two electronic signatures to sign contracts. For example, they can choose to add just one signature for signing a contract and then a second signature to approve or reject changes to the contract. This helps the client quickly review the contract's terms and conditions, making it much more likely for the customer to agree to the contract. Below are the three signature options:

  • Draw using mouse or pen

  • Type in multiple font styles

  • Upload from your device

Collect Payments at the Time of Agreements

Improve customer experience and cash flow with digital payment collection as it helps your business get paid instantly. You can quickly request payment when signing any agreement by adding a payment tag to any document. The customer then enters payment information to complete the transaction using a credit card, debit card, or stripe.

Efficient Payments

Receive payment right away and prevent delays in obtaining unpaid debts.

Reduce Errors

Electronic payments guarantee accuracy and protect against mistakes.

Request Recipients for Attachments

Along with signing the document, ask your recepients to attach any supporting documents. You can quickly gather supporting documents and streamline your processes. You can ask a recipient to attach more files when sending a contract or agreement for signature. For instance, a copy of their identification, licenses, marriage license, etc. You can specify the required materials and obtain them with your signed document using the Signdocs attachments fields.

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